Q:Is there a deposit to get a bid card?

A: Yes. Deposits vary each sale. The deposit must be in cash only and is refundable if you purchase nothing. If you do purchase items then your deposit will be applied to the items you bought. You can then pay the balance due with cash or accepted credit cards (unless it is a lien or storage auction than it is cash only)

Q:How long do I have to pay for what I bought?

A: All items must be paid for day of the sale. If you're making large purchases totaling more than $25000.00 you will need to post a nonrefundable 35% deposit and pay the balance due by 5 pm the next business day in cash only. If it is a storage or lien auction payment is due in full right after the last unit is sold in cash only.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

A: YES, Everyone pays sales tax on everything purchased including vehicles. 

Q:Is there a age requirement at auctions?

A: YES. You must be at least 18 years old to get a bid card or attend our sales. I.D. will be required to get a bid card. Some countries require you to be older than 18 refer to your countries local laws.

Q:When do I have to remove the items I purchased?

A: In most cases you have to pay and remove all items same day of the sale. We are not responsible for any items you leave. It is always better to bring the crew and trucks or trailers needed to remove your purchases that day.

Q:Can I be refused entry to the auction?

A:YES. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason deemed by us to disrupt the course of the sale.

Q:Are all item sold to highest bid?

A: YES. All items will be sold to highest bidder as long as there is no reserve on the item. Being agents for both you the buyer and the seller of the items being sold, we can end a sale or cancel the sale at anytime if we feel the outcome will hurt our consignor in any way.