Storage unit auction: April 11 2018

9:00 am start 

4475 N Bank Street

Kingman AZ 86409


A: All items are sold “As Is, Where Is.”  No warranties or guarantees are offered or implied. You will be asked for a valid driver’s license or official state id to get a bid card. Bid cards may not be shared with others. You the bidder hold all responsibility of your bid number purchases.


B: All items purchased must be taken.  No trash or unwanted items can be left or discarded on storage company property or in their dumpsters. If you fail to removal all items you will lose your cleaning deposit and be held responsible for all dump fees and labor cost the property suffers due to you not cleaning out the unit.


C: All items purchased are to be paid for in cash at the end of the auction sale.  You may not go to the bank or pay later.  Failure to pay at the end of the auction sale will result in the items being resold immediately. If the unit resells for less than your unpaid bid you will then be responsible for the difference.


D: Auctioneer has last say in ALL disputes.


E: You may not enter the shed or touch any boxes in the front.  Anyone found doing so may be asked to leave the property immediately. And or will not be able to bid on the unit.


F: You have 24 hours to remove all purchased items. If you need more time you will have to rent the unit for at least one month.


G: Tax will be added to all items purchased, unless you have a valid copy of your tax permit from the state of Arizona.  You will have to sign an affidavit to the fact that your number is current as well as give the valid copy to the auction company to place on file. If you do not have a copy of the permit with you, you will be charged tax and no refunds of that tax will be given.


H: No pets or smoking on the property.


I: There will be a min $40.00 refundable cleaning deposit charged for each shed purchased.  Once the shed has been cleaned out.  The management company will verify it is empty and return the deposit.  If the shed is not cleared out the deposit will be retained by the shed company and the purchaser of the shed will be banned from future sales.  No exceptions will be made!


J: No reselling of any kind can take place on the property.  You must remove all items and sell at your own location or place of business.


K: No one under the age of eighteen is permitted to bid on or purchase any shed or any other property up for auction.


L: No Buyers premium will be charged.


M: Buyer is buying all items in unit except for protected property or vehicles that need DMV paper work. A list of protected properties can be found on the state of Arizona website.


N: All other terms will be announced at time of sale. any spoken words or terms at the time of the sale will take precedence over any written or advertised terms or words.